• Effective Locational Organizations

  • Building framework and model in order to increase turism potential

  • Determining Transportation options

  • Creating Natural, Historical and Cultural inventory of the area

  • Establishing integration of different types of tourism

  • Effective Presentation and marketing of tourism potential


Desktop interface can control GIS Server completely.With this tool, you can edit, update, delete, symbolize features for all of layers. Tool contains generic GIS tools like zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, info, workspace operations, layer control, query builder, symbology set- tings.Operator can do any GIS operations online.

  • Built on .NET
  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS support
  • Import/Export DB to Filesystem or vice versa
  • Workspace Support


Web Portal is mainly designed for public tourist access(Multilingual) with standard GIS functionalities such as Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Pan, Full Extent, Info, Geolocation, base-map switch.Additionally Search, General Search, Shortest Path, Driving Directions, Virtual Tour for historical places.Info with description for POI's

  • Built on .NET
  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS support
  • ASP.NET, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery UI


Mobile application is responsible for collection data in the field.After GPS positioning point,polyline,polygon geometry can be placed on the map with attributes.(With Authentication support).

  • Built on .NET
  • WPF
  • Windows Phone