• Realtime earthquake records, acceleration records analysis of earthquakes and spatial and non-spatial daha of accelerometer stations

  • Layers which are directly addible and editible on interfaces of app can seem by users without any need to code interventions

  • Data of all accelerometer stations are easily accessable for users. New accelerometer station records can be created manually or by uploading FDSN files by users

  • The detailed information of station records can be displayed by selecting from the grid list or from the map

  • In addition to the detailed information of the station, the waveform and earthquake data recorded by that station can be easily accessed with a user-friendly interface design

  • The waveform data can be accessed not only via the station, but also through a separate interface where various query filters can be supplied

  • As a result of the process of the earthquake data recorded as raw by the user or automatically, the required parameters can be obtained and transferred to the database automatically

  • Raw or analyzed data can be exported in ASCII, ASDF, MSEED formats

  • 28 different vector graphics can be provided over the system for waveforms and zooming in, zooming out, value display operations can be performed on these charts

  • Records of occurring earthquakes, can be listed by query filters or geographical selection on map

  • Detailed information of the queried earthquake can be accessed by clicking on the list or the map

  • All waveform records of a specific earthquake can be downloaded via a single button

  • Focal Mechanism solutions, can be performed automatically by the system through selection of Strike-Dip-Rake 1 and 2 values

Change Basemaps

  • Change basemaps from basemap list

Layers on Basemaps

  • Add different layers on to different basemaps

Add New Basemaps

  • Add basemap as a new layer

Search Station

  • Spatial and non spatial station queries

Station Detail

  • Detail informations about accelerometer stations

New Stations

  • Add new accelerometer stations

Search Waveform

  • Search waveforms with various query filters

Butterworth Filter Settings

  • Butterworth Filter Settings for processing

Processing Parameters

  • Set waveform processing parameters


  • Vector graphics as results of processing

Export Waveform Data

  • Export raw or processed waveform data in various formats

Search Event

  • Search event with various query filters

Event Detail

  • See details about the earthquake and analyse focal mechanism solution

Waveform Records of the Earthquake

  • Download all waveform records of the earthquake and go to processing page

Geographical Informations

  • Topography
  • EC8 Codes
  • Lithology
  • Morphology
  • Geological Time

Other Informations

  • Dam locations
  • Floor informations
  • Sensor locations
  • Station networks
  • Accelerometer informations
  • Sensor informations


  • User roles
  • Users
  • Layers
  • Records

Error Logs

  • Check application errors