Why us?

Effective IT Solutions understands that every business is unique, and because of this we offer support options that can be personally tailored to suit your IT needs.

Our standard support contract gives the customer a guaranteed time period to receive a response for his/her support request. The standard on-site response is offered within four hours, although for critical devices, this can be much faster. Through the use of remote access, most responses and resolutions occur within a matter of minutes. By using remote access and online monitoring, we are immediately informed when any problem occurs.

We also provide a pay-as-you-go support option that means you don’t have to worry about binding long-term contracts.

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Main services

Interface Design

Designing user-friendly and
easy-to-follow interfaces.

Mobile Apps

Providing users with the extensive
experience of working on mobile
projects on the go.


Creating engaging stories that are
both interactive and effective.

Free Support

Providing 24/7 assistance without any hidden fees.

Work team

Prof. Dr. Bahadır Aktuğ

General Manager

Kerem Aktuğ

Software Developer

Melike Yazır

Business Analyst

Ali Serhat Pekesen

Software Developer

Okan Şahbaz

Software Developer

Kadir Yıldız

Software Developer

Damla Alacapunar

Software Developer

Kadir Aztekin

Software Developer

Esra Çini

Software Developer

Dr. Süleyman Sırrı Maraş

GNSS / GIS Specialist

Dr. Hüseyin Yaşar

GNSS / GIS Specialist

Dr. İsmail Özbakır

GNSS / GIS Specialist

Volkan Kesgin

Financial Consultant

Former Employees

Aylin Çelik

Business Analyst

Nurcan Kahya Ersolak

Software Development Team Lead

Cevat Kamer Dinçer

Software Developer

Esma Nur Kocakaya

Software Developer

Mert Yurtseven

Software Developer

Baransel Oral

Software Developer

Ayça Kıdan


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