• DEKAS is the ultimate tool to analyze the records either from a single station or from a nation-wide network with hundreds of stations. With constant improvements, over 100.000 events were analysed with DEKAS without any single report of freezing, unhandled exception or crashing. Flexible I/O system allows even building a complete analysis center without any stations by utilizing the optimized FDSN data retrieval. Detailed user logs are kept for pinpointing any possible problem with our 7/24 technical support. DEKAS can receive and implement updates quickly using a on-premise version server. Many details including the theory behind can be found in DEKAS User Manual of over 200 pages.

LDAP Authorization

  • DEKAS provides detailed authorization and authentication scheme which can be directly integrated with institutional accounts. Along with authentication logging is available for almost any operator action.

File Flexible I/O

  • From a real-time seedlink source to SeisComP SDS directory, FDSN and numerous file input formats, many data sources are supported. Fully multi-threaded I/O system allows ultra fast loading of records. Hundreds of records can be loaded. within seconds thanks to the asynchronous loading in which you can even start picking the near filed records while loading the far-fields.

Artificial Intelligence

Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic solutions can be generated with the AI system which was tested with more than 140000 events. Witness the super-human picking with DEKAS AI system. Our hybrid approach allows further manual intervention in the automatic AI solutions at any step.


Fast FDSN data retrieval is possible thanks to the DEKAS’s optimized and cached FDSN algorithm.

User -Based Settings

Virtually unlimited number of operators can use DEKAS simultaneously thanks to the unique design of DEKAS. Every user can customize the appearance (general color theme, picking colors etc.) which is saved in user profile such that next time the preferred appearance is applied.

Versatile Import/Export

Many stages of earthquake analysis can be exported for further analysis, which is particularly useful for researchers and research centers. Solutions such as phase pickings can also be imported to improved solutions.

SeisComP Integration

SeisComp integration allows automatic loading of broadband and accelerometer records sorted with distance. You can even exclude clipped stations during loading thanks to the high-performance clip-detection system.

Precision Picking

For those who prefer to pick phases manually, professional graphic interface provides ultra-fast rendering of the waveforms and precision editing. Carefully designed keyboard shortcuts enables operators to work more efficiently than ever.

Automatic Clip Detection

Automatic cycle-slip detection allows detecting and optionally exlusion of the clipped records. The sensitivity of the clip detection can be adjusted within the settings menu of DEKAS.

Focal Mechanism & Moment Tensor Solution

Focal mechanisms and Moment Tensor Solutions are now only a tab away. The operators can proceed to moment tensor solutions just after completing the location solution.

Crust Models

Adding a new crust model has never been easier. Virtually unlimited number of crust models can be added with a few clicks and simultaneously solutions with different crustal models can be generated. Operator can compare the results from different crustal models both on maps and tables values of rms.

Map Layers

Through vector maps, in addition to performing map operations such as zoom in, zoom out and pan on the map, station selection can also be easily done from the map, and there are several template maps already available.

Real-Time Data Retrieval

Virtually unlimited number of lanes can be used for different data sources. Event real-time streams can be retreived via SeedLink along with other data sources.